The Givers Confession!

Father, empower me to bless your Kingdom.

I support the vision and the visionary of this house. I will give you nothing from my pocket that did not come from my heart! All I have is yours!

I will honor you with the first fruits and I will not withhold the tithes.

The devourer is rebuked off my life.

I am faithful, productive and fruitful. Therefore, let your blessing rest on my house.

Father, we will build you a house. Finished, Full and Free!


Higher Living Christian Church - Mt. Zion
Pastor Andre Landers
2450 Mt. Zion Parkway
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Higher Living Christian Church will always strive for excellence in worship and service to mankind. We will seek to hear His word and proclaim it so that even the youngest child can understand. Both young and old alike will come together and be challenged to change, prepared to produce and equipped to encourage everyone to be all that God has called us to be.